What are Three Reasons a Battalion Chief Would Use a Portable / Mobile Command Post?

This is a question we asked our resident expert, Steve Nash, who happens to be a battalion chief.  He suggests using a Portable or Mobile Command Post for:
  1. ORGANIZATION - Having resources centralized and ready to go at all times is essential. At an emergency scene there is no time to hunt for the basic tools an Incident Commander requires.
  2. VISIBILTY - The Halcyon Mobile Command Post (or, MCP) provides a centralized visual presence that conveys command and control.
  3. PORTABILITY - The MCP allows Company Officers the flexibility to set up virtual office practically anywhere a Division Leader, Sector Officer or Incident Commander deems necessary.
For those of you who use a portable or mobile command post, we would love to hear how and why you use them.  For our customers, who have are using our Mobile Command Post, please send your stories and pictures.  Please send your stories to Steve at sdnash@halcyonproducts.com.