Nash Strap™ User Instructions

The Nash Strap™ is for use with a portable stretcher system.  When used properly it reduces the strain on the rescuers back.  Allowing a more safe and effective transporting of a patient.

Attaching the Straps to the Stretcher

1.  Take the bottom loops, which are the larger loops, of each Nash Strap™ and feed it through each corner handle of the stretcher as shown. 

Loop Straps

Note:  the label on the Nash Strap™ has an arrow pointing towards the patient on the stretcher.

Label with Arrow

2.  Cinch up the ladder portion of the strap and repeat for all four corners of the stretcher.  You are now ready to move a patient.

Using the Nash Strap™

1.  The Nash Strap™ is designed to be used as a set of four separate straps for the “carrying” configuration and as a set of two straps for use in a “drag” configuration.

Drag and Go

Carry Configuration

“Drag and Go” Configuration

Carrying Configuration

2.  Rescuer stands in upright position with feet shoulder width apart next to stretcher.

3.  Bending slightly at the knees reach down to desired ladder strap height.

4.  Using legs, lift patient off of the ground.  Not much height is necessary, just enough to clear rescuers feet.

5.  When using in a “drag” configuration, one or two rescuers lift one end of the stretcher using the Nash Straps™ and pull patient. Typically, this will be the “head” end of the patient.

Additional Considerations

1.  Halcyon Products recommends that you preposition the straps on a stored stretcher for quicker use.

2.  Do not exceed listed weight limit of stretcher when using with a patient / victim.

3.  Following local EMS protocol, place patient on stretcher while it is on a firm surface.

4.  Always make certain the patient is secured with stretcher provided straps.

5.  These straps are not intended for use in lifting victims in hauling systems.

6.  The Nash Strap™ works well in high angle rescues.

7.  The Nash Strap™ is intended for simple direct contact rescuer scenarios.

8.  The Nash Strap™ can eliminate the need for fully systems, rigging and ladder truck type of specialized rescue work. 

Cleaning Tips

1.  Halcyon Products recommends cleaning the Nash Strap™ after being heavily soiled.

2.  The Nash Straps™ should be cleaned regularly.

3.  Use a mild detergent and warm water for cleaning.  No abrasives, bleach or strong chemicals should be used.

4.  Do not expose the Nash Straps™ to chemicals, fuel or oil. 

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Publication Date:  5/2/17