FEATURE: Magnetic Whiteboard.
BENEFIT: Easy for diagramming situations and for the development of the "attack plan."


FEATURE: Solid work area.
BENEFIT: Large enough for a laptop and writing surface.


FEATURE: Large Compartment.
BENEFIT: For Storing files, communications equipment, and other emergency items.


FEATURE: Weather Resistant.
BENEFIT: The command case is weather resistant and has a battery operated light for night time or low ambient
light operations.


FEATURE: Wheel Assembly.
BENEFIT: For easy portability to emergency incident.


FEATURE: Portability.
BENEFIT: The Mobile Command Post Mobile Command Post™ can be taken anywhere with-in the emergency scene.


FEATURE: Accessorize.
BENEFIT: The Mobile Command Post™ (model MCP-01 only) includes the Command Pak™ as an accessory. The Command Pak™ includes a Tactical Command Sheet™, Flag, Magnets, Incident Command Vest & Markers (whiteboard). For model MCP-02 the Command Pak needs to be order separately.


FEATURE: Economical.
BENEFIT: Mobile Command Post ™ is much more cost effective than outfitting an SUV or buying a large Incident Command Trailer.