“I have always felt safe when conducting training using the burn pan.” 
Decatur Fire Department. Decature, IL



“We use it every weekend with employees and the community. It is very simple to operate, easy to clean up, and its portability allows us to take it anywhere."
Hamilton County Forensic Center. Chattanooga, TN



“The portability and the control you have with the dead man switch are the best features. Our training with the burn pan was so successful that we were asked to teach a class in another area. We teach our students to always be prepared, and this unit is the best for accomplishing that.”
Technology Center of DuPage. 
Addison, IL



“We really like it! It is one of the better units we have seen. The Burn Pan is realistic, controllable, and with the dead man switch it is easy to kill making it very safe. We use it all over our University."
Ryan Dudley Fire Inspector
Yale University. New Haven, CT



“It's the first unit we've had at our department. Everybody loves it! It's an ideal unit for any extinguisher training course, it doesn't leave a mess and it is safe to use."
Fire Safety Education Coordinator
Peggy Harrell Winner of the National Home Safety Council's 2006 Safety Educator Hero Award 
Plano Fire Department. Plano, TX